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Learning to fly a microlight opens you up to a world you never knew existed.

Flight Training Requirements

The National Private Pilots Licence (Microlight) can be issued with either of two options. These are Without Operational Limitations or With Operational Limitations.

To gain the NPPL (Microlight) without operational limitations you are required to complete a minimum of 25 hours flight training of which 10 hours must be solo, including two solo navigation cross country flights followed by a General Skills Test (GST). However, it may take longer, depending on how quickly you learn.

To gain the NPPL (Microlight) with operational limitations you are required to complete a minimum of 15 hours flight training of which 7 must be solo. Pilots are however restricted to:

  1. No passengers until a minimum of 25 hours flying has been completed.
  2. The pilot may not fly with a cloudbase of less than 1000ft above the ground and less than 10km visibility.
  3. The pilot may not fly more than 8 nautical miles from the point of departure.

There are also 5 multiple choice theory exams that you are required to take. You can home study, have one to one tuition or make use of ground school lessons.

The minimum age to start lessons is 14 and from there a student can go solo at 16 and then apply for a pilots licence at 17 years old.

More in depth details on learning to fly can be found on the BMAA website link below, or if you are wanting to find a Flight School near you, again click on the link.

Learn to fly a microlight from st michael’s airfield.

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The instructors are qualified to instruct you in both Flex Wing and Fixed Wing microlights, giving you the ability to gain your NPPL (Microlight) Pilots Licence.

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