PPR – Prior Permission Requested

Your visit to St Michael’s Airfield by air

If you have never flown into St Michaels Airfield before, please complete the PPR form below.

 The airfield is generally open, however, please pay particular attention to the plate.  During the winter months the airfield can become soft after prolonged or heavy rainfall.  Although runways are marked by cutting the grass, all of the field is usable for landings, especially during winter months when the grass is low.

In the interest of regularity Take Offs are restricted to the runways.

Please see Joining Instructions and Circuit Pattern details and Avoid all Sensitive Sites shown in red on the map.

Should you require confirmation at short notice you can call:-
Paul Turner (Student Pilot) – Airfield Manager on 07763 627 198
or alternative contact:-
Dave Cornwell (Pilot) on 07814 154 195
Phil Evans (Pilot) on 07734 934 553

It is the pilot’s responsibility to obtain weather forecasts for the route to be flown and destination airfields.  No aircraft may be flown unless the weather minimum with regard to licence and aircraft requirements can be complied with.



Please complete ALL fields


Position – 6.5nm NW Preston
Lat/Long N53:51.08 W002:47.38
Elevation: 16ft amsl.

No Radio but feel free to make Blind Calls to ‘St Michaels Traffic’ on Safetycom 135.480
Non Radio Aircraft Welcome.

35RH/17LH Grass – LDA 450m x 20m
31RH/13LH Grass – LDA 365m x 20m
03RH/21LH Grass – LDA 411m x 20m

Join overhead 1500’ QFE descend deadside

500’ – 35RH/17LH – 31RH/13LH – 03RH/21LH

Please avoid overflying Sensitive Sites as Marked

Warton Listening Squawk – 3660 – 129.530  – ATIS 121.730
Blackpool Approach – 119.955 – ATIS 127.205


St Michaels Circuit Patterns and Information


Accuracy of this data cannot be guaranteed; pilots operate at their own risk.
Tractors cutting grass and hay baling machinery on the field is to be expected during the summer months and is a potential hazard that you have to be aware of.
Short runways need skill and a suitable aircraft.
Please pay particular attention if landing on Rwy 03 and Rwy 13 because of New Draught banking which is some 13 feet higher than the airfield.
Beware of traffic and trees on finals for landings on Rwy 21 as road level is higher than the airfield.
During winter months care should be taken as the ground can become soft or waterlogged in patches.

Upon arrival please complete the Log Book in the Flight School and pay your daily Landing Fee of £6, this can be paid by banking transfer, details where you sign in.

For regular visitors you may want to take advantage of our Annual Landing Fee of £75.00 for the year.  This can also be paid by banking transfer upon arrival at the airfield.

We have introduced dedicated Exit Routes for all runways when departing St Michaels Airfield.  Details are displayed on the outside of the Club House.  If you are unsure please speak to any of the pilots on the airfield and they will be able to advise.

Visiting Pilots – Staying Overnight

We have no overnight accommodation for visiting pilots, however, you are welcome to camp overnight free-of-charge in a small one/two man tent in the camping area near the NWMAC Club House and Flight School or under the wing of your aircraft.

Should you want something more comfortable local accommodation includes:-

No fuel is available on the airfield, however, members of the NWMAC may be able to assist you.
Please contact members via the St Michaels Airfield Facebook page or by email nwmacmembers@gmail.com